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Welcome to InnerLight Counseling

Please Note:  I am currently only providing telehealth services.  My practice is generally full these days, although occasionally things change and a spot does open up.  Feel free to check in to see what might be open right now.  I know many clients are having difficulties finding therapists with openings.  If I don’t have a spot for you, here are a few good resources to try if you haven’t already…

Contacting your insurance for participating providers is also a way to go.  Sometimes they will connect you with a case manager if you are having particular difficulties finding someone.  And don’t give up!  Keep looking, checking back occasionally with folks you have already tried can sometimes work too as caseloads shift.  

Take good care,  Derica

My name is Derica R. Waller, LCSW.  I am honored to provide individual therapy and coaching services to adults ready to make changes and feel better in their lives.  I specialize in personal growth work, anxiety and stress management and infertility and postpartum support.  With over 25 years of experience I can help you manage life’s challenges with both clinical expertise and compassionate support.  I am a master’s level therapist licensed here in Oregon.  I approach therapy with a foundation in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and a strong emphasis on Mindfulness practices. 

Are you ready for a change?

We all have the ability to change our lives and to weather the toughest storms, with support, hope and a little imagination.  You do not have to be held back by your past.  You do not have to settle for “just good enough”.  You do not have to feel as out of control or overwhelmed by the difficulties you currently face.  I can help you create the change you want and manage the fears, uncertainties and feelings that come with this transformational work.  You are more powerful than you know.

My style is warm and accepting.  I will listen with compassion and insight to help you find a new perspective about your struggles, to rediscover your passions and strengths and to gain the skills to create what you want in your life.  The perspective, strength and skills to feel better!

Please call or email to schedule a free 1/2 hour consultation.  Finding a therapist or coach you truly feel comfortable with is an important first step.  As you read more here on the InnerLight Counseling website, know that I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

Derica R. Waller, MSW, LCSW


It does not mean to be in a place
where there is no noise, trouble or
hard work.  It means to be in the
midst of those things and still
be calm in your heart.